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The Customer Intelligence Lunch & Learn

Join Dialpad for a short n' sweet webinar where we bring the pizza plus CX insights right to your door.

Online Event

Be our guest at this quick and yummy Pizza Lunch & Learn. You'll be treated to a Domino's pizza delivery while you hear about Ai-powered Customer Intelligence.


- Pizza delivered to your address of choice

- New Trends in Customer Experience

- Dialpad Demo

Why Dialpad:
Dialpad is the leading Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform that is completely transforming how the world works together. We’ve designed one, beautiful workspace that seamlessly combines the most advanced Ai Contact Center, Ai Sales, Ai Voice, and Ai Meetings with Ai Messaging. More than 30,000 innovative brands and millions of people use Dialpad to unlock productivity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction with real-time Ai insights.

Date & Time

Thursday, April 06, 2023 @ 12:00pm PDT