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Get Fit 🏌️| With Club Champion + Dialpad + T-Mobile

You love getting out on the fairway, but have you given your golf game the customized attention it deserves? Let a certified fitter at Club Champion, plus your own personalized data (not just generalized opinions), tell you which clubs are best for your swing, stroke and overall player profile. Then, take home a new item for your golf bag, courtesy of your friends at the industry-leading Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform.

Join the Dialpad & T-Mobile teams in Pleasanton

We don't mean to brag, but Dialpad, T-Mobile and Club Champion all have some super sweet, cutting edge technology...

Join us for lunch and a custom club fitting compliments of Dialpad & T-Mobile for Business. With assistance from your certified fitter, you'll be armed with lots of important, decision-facilitating data to help you choose among over 65,000+ hittable head and shaft combinations available.

Your custom clubs will be built to the tightest tolerances so that the specifications determined in your fitting end up in your bag.

Then, go out and play like a champion.

Space is limited and offer is by invitation only. Registrations are limited to two per company. Register now to reserve your spot!

Date & Time

Tuesday, January 23, 2024 @ 12:00pm PDT


Club Champion | 6050 Johnson Dr Suite A B, Pleasanton, CA 94588