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The Fundamentals of Dialpad Ai

Join us for a six-part webinar series for 30 minutes each Wednesday where you'll learn all about Dialpad Ai, get exclusive views into our latest features and upcoming releases, and gain competitive insights to help you scale your business!

What exactly can Dialpad Ai do for your business and your customer's CX & Support teams?

Join our partner-exclusive training and enablement series where your Australian and New Zealand Dialpad team will explore the features and capabilities of Dialpad's Ai-powered business communication platform and discuss how you can accelerate your business through new ways to market and sell Dialpad to your customers.

Each 30-minute session will focus on specific features and functionalities, use cases, tips and tricks for selling to your customers, and hot ticket giveaway items you don't want to miss

5 July: Getting hands-on with Dialpad Products and Services

12 July: Dialpad Ai Contact Center & Ai Sales

19 July: Dialpad Digital Engagement

26 July: Business Intelligence & Analytics

2 August: Dialpad Integrations

9 August: Dialpad Competitive Positioning & Best Practices

Date & Time

Wednesday, August 02 - Wednesday, 09, 2023 @ 12:00pm AEST