Dialpad event 5 Ways 5 G Will Change U Caa S

5 Ways 5G Will Change UCaaS

We partnered with No Jitter to discuss the top five ways 5G will change UCaaS. Watch the on-demand webinar now.

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With the change to hybrid and remote workforces, it's clear that connectivity is more essential today than ever before. 5G entering the market is going to have a massive impact on how businesses operate. It's estimated that 5G will be up to 100 times faster than current 4G technology. And a typical 5G network will support millions of devices per square mile.

Organizations slow to adopt 5G will quickly be outpaced by their competition. For industries inherently tied to internet connectivity, such as UCaaS, this change is particularly exciting.

Dialpad's DJ Gillit and Principle Analyst Dave Michels come together in a fireside chat to discuss the significant impact 5G will have on the UCaaS industry. The predicted five notable changes include:

  • The Mobile-First Debate Ends
  • Collaboration Will Improve
  • An Always-Connected World
  • Digital Transformation Will Accelerate
  • Traditional Workday is Obliterated


Dj gillit

DJ Gillit

Channel Partnerships Director

Dave michels

Dave Michels

Principal Analyst & Founder

Beth Schultz

Beth Schultz

Program Co-Chair
No Jitter

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