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Dialpad’s modern business communications platform provides HD quality, rapid innovation, and global connectivity. All with Google-grade security.

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One World, One Platform

We took our VoIP experience starting Yahoo! Voice and Google Voice, and redesigned modern communications. From software-defined call routing to rapid weekly release cycles, your enterprise phone system is now simple, effective, and scalable.

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Dialpad unlocks new ways to leverage communication across your organization and with your customers. See how software-defined communications optimizes deployment, improves quality, and provides for rapid development.

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Real-time insights

Dialpad VoiceAI

Using the power of artificial intelligence, VoiceAI captures real-time customer insights that help teams save time, sell more, deliver exceptional customer service, and build innovative products that customers love.

Split-Cloud Architecture

Get the best of both worlds: modern software and voice networking. We’ve redesigned traditional PBX features into a software cloud that delivers an intuitive user experience and easy deployment. Our private voice network keeps you connected—with international PSTN access and local DIDs in over 60 countries.

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Rapid Deployment

Whether you’re deploying users or adding conference lines, your platform is instantly responsive. With 60-80% faster deployment times, it’s no wonder why the most innovative companies in the world choose Dialpad.

Quality & Reliability

Experience HD Quality and reliability over your existing internet connection. Dialpad leverages WebRTC and the Opus Codec to optimize internet networks for voice traffic. Dialpad can intelligently reroute calls to avoid problem areas such as natural disasters or unlikely outages.

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Google-Grade Security

Dialpad’s at-rest data is stored securely in the Google Cloud Platform, infrastructure protected by top experts in information, application, and network security. In-transit media is encrypted via SRTP/HTTPS on our private voice network at Tier 3/4 data centers. We’re also Google approved and recommended for utilizing security best practices in software development.

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Simplify Your Enterprise Communications

Built by the team behind Google Voice, Dialpad delivers a seamlessly integrated business communications platform for your growing team.

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