Web Portal Management

Your communications platform shouldn’t take a team of IT experts to manage. That’s why Dialpad created a web portal for administrators to setup and manage the platform, and individual users to control their own settings and profile.

Web Portal Management

Access and adjust administration settings as well as individual team member settings in the easy to use web portal.

  • Administration portal

  • User portal


Can these settings be accessed through the app or via mobile?

Web portal management can be accessed on both your desktop computer or your mobile device. However they only be accessed via a web browser.

Can a Dialpad account have more than one administrator?

Yes. The original account admin can assign admin status to anyone else in the organization.

What is the difference between the administrator web portal the user web portal?

Administrators have access to all the company settings with the ability to add and remove users, enable integrations, assign numbers and more. Users only have access to features that pertain directly to them.

Do administrators have access to individual user settings?

No. Admins can assign users numbers, operato/agent status, and enable integrations. However they cannot access basic profile information, voicemail settings, or Executive Assistant status.

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