Spend less time on housekeeping tasks and learn more from your customers with the power of artificial Intelligence.


VoiceAI uses the power of AI to help organizations drive sales, gain competitive insights, and elevate customer service.

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What is VoiceAI?

VoiceAI is an artificial intelligence product that’s built into Dialpad. It captures conversations in order to automate tasks and uncover insightful data that can help organizations make smarter business decisions.

What tasks does VoiceAI automate?

VoiceAI makes it easy to create to-do lists and make notes with a simple command or click of a button.

Can VoiceAI be turned off?

Yes. VoiceAI can be turned off by administrators as well as individual end users. However, if VoiceAI is disabled at the administrator level, end users cannot access the functionality.

What is an “Action Item”?

An action item is a task you wish to record. For example, a user would say “Action Item” followed by the action they wish to record.

How do I create a Snippet?

A Snippet is a point, a takeaway, or a part of the conversation that a user wants to highlight. When the Snippet button is clicked, everything said 10 seconds before and after is captured.

What is a Call Summary?

A Call Summary contains all of a users important call information including Action Items, Snippets, Transcript, and notes.

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