Voice Calls

In the world of business, the person-to-person voice phone call remains the primary and most important form of communication. That’s why Dialpad provides industry-leading voice calling from the cloud using the latest in VoIP technology. Thanks to next-generation RTC technology and the Opus codec, enterprises experience business calls that are crystal clear from every device.

Voice Calls

Enjoy unlimited enterprise-grade HD voice calling in the United States and Canada, across your entire organization, and on any device.

  • Voice calls from your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone

  • Voice calls for the modern enterprise employee

  • Voice calls to anywhere

  • An easy, seamless calling experience


What technology does Dialpad voice calling use?

Dialpad uses WebRTC and the Opus codec to deliver superior high definition voice calls.

How many minutes of voice calling do enterprise plans include?

Dialpad Enterprise plans provide unlimited voice calls to Canada and the U.S. However, some long distance charges may apply for international calls.

Can workers make calls from any device?

Yes. Dialpad is designed to work across modern devices including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as laptop and desktop computers. However a carrier connection or WiFi is required.

Does Dialpad use traditional phone lines to make voice calls?

No. Dialpad is a modern cloud-based phone system that uses VoIP technology.

Do I have to manually dial in numbers to make voice calls?

It depends. If the person you’re calling is within your organization, you simply search for their name within Dialpad. However, if it’s the first time you’re calling an external number that isn’t already synced within your contacts, you will have to manually dial it.

How do you accept a call with Dialpad?

It’s easy to answer calls. A call notification will appear and sound across all of your Dialpad-connected devices. You can then choose which device you want to answer the call on, accept the call with a tap or a click, and you’re connected.

What is HD calling?

HD stands for high definition, and it means that voice transmission quality is quite clear. This is because Dialpad uses WebRTC technology and the Opus codec in its architecture—the latest and most advanced VoIP technology available.

How does the call quality compare to a traditional PBX system or a cell phone?

It’s indistinguishable and in many cases better. Previous generation of VoIP technology had issues with call quality—specifically latency and judder. However, Dialpad’s modern cloud architecture ensures incredible clarity in voice calls.

Does voice calling also include other standard business features?

Yes. Dialpad includes all standard business features including (but not excluded to) Hold, Transfer, Mute, Voicemail, Call Waiting, and more.

Does Dialpad allow you to transfer live calls between devices?

Yes. Dialpad’s Call Switching features allows you to seamlessly move a live call between devices without interruption.

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