Video Calling

Dialpad provides industry-leading enterprise-grade video calling for business. Launch high quality video calls right from your Dialpad app—no need to download an additional video calling app or add-ons. The Dialpad business phone system includes unlimited video calling meaning employees can talk face-to-face anytime, from anywhere.

Video Calling

Enjoy productive, face-to-face meetings with Dialpad HD video calling. Whether you’re across the building or across the globe, HD video calling makes it easy to connect on important business issues.

  • Connect your employees with video

  • HD Video Quality

  • How does video calling work on Dialpad?

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Is Dialpad a video calling app?

Yes. But video calling is only one part of what it does. Dialpad is a communications platform that offers voice calling, messaging, meetings, and video.

Can I video call from all my devices?

Currently, video calling works on the Dialpad desktop app only.

Does video calling cost more?

No, video calling is included in all Dialpad plans. See Dialpad pricing.

How many people can participate in a video call?

Video calling on Dialpad is only between two people at this time. You can launch an UberConference meeting for group conversations or add a third caller to your voice calls.

Can I video call to people outside of my organization?

Video calling is only available within your organization. Calls made to outside numbers are HD voice calls. Learn more about voice calling in Dialpad.

Are there any time or instance limitations on video calling?

No. Dialpad HD video calling is unlimited.

My question about video calling wasn’t answered here. Where can I go to learn more?

You can check out this article for more details or join our weekly live Q&A webinar and ask your question there.

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