The ServiceNow integration allows users to create and manage incidents and other ServiceNow events from right inside Dialpad. This allows teams to create smarter workflows that drastically reduce the inefficiencies of toggling tabs, windows, and applications.


Log and manage ServiceNow events without ever leaving the Dialpad dashboard or your call with the ServiceNow +Dialpad integration.

  • Stop toggling. Start working.

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How do I get the ServiceNow + Dialpad integration?

ServiceNow for Dialpad is available on the ServiceNow store to users with our Pro or Enterprise plans.

How does the ServiceNow + Dialpad Integration work?

As agents receive calls, Dialpad will search through contacts to match and display contextual customer information while on an active call. During active calls, agents will be able to view, open, and update incident reports directly within their Dialpad desktop or mobile app.

Will incoming call also be logged in ServiceNow?

Yes. With the integration enabled, all new incoming Dialpad calls will be logged in ServiceNow.

Does the ServiceNow integration cost anything?

No, the integration is free in Dialpad. However, you will need to be an existing ServiceNow customer in order to use it.

This FAQ didn’t answer my question. Where can I learn more?

Visit our ServiceNow integration Help Article.

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