Salesforce Integration

The Dialpad Salesforce integration puts the power of Dialpad into Salesforce to help your sales teams work more efficiently. With the ability to accept calls without toggling, click-to-call functionality right inside their sales platform, and the ability to seamlessly move calls between devices, the Dialpad Salesforce integration turns the world’s most used customer relationship management platform into your business phone system.

Salesforce Integration

Turn Salesforce into a Phone System

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Does the Salesforce Integration cost anything?

The Salesforce integration is included in all Pro and Enterprise Dialpad plans. You must subscribe to Salesforce’s services.

Is the integration available on mobile devices?

No. However, incoming sales calls on mobile devices may be transferred to Salesforce on a desktop machine.

Which version of Salesforce is this integration compatible with?

The integration is compatible with Enterprise Editions of Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Lightning, and Salesforce1.

What happens if there are multiple records for an incoming call?

Dialpad allows you to choose which one to use.

What if some users don’t require this integration?

In this case, your account administrator can easily turn the integration off for specific users.

Where can I learn more about how to use Dialpad for Salesforce Classic?

. As well as this FAQ.

Where can I learn more about the Dialpad + Salesforce 1?

Check out this in-depth technical FAQ.

Where can I learn more about Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning?

We cover Lightning extensively in this integration guide and this user guide.

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