It's time to ditch deployment headaches with secure sign on & provisioning with OneLogin + Dialpad


Thanks to Dialpad’s integration with OneLogin, IT teams never have to worry about how or where employees are accessing their business communication platform.

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How do I get the OneLogin and Dialpad integration?

The OneLogin and Dialpad integration is available on the OneLogin directory to users with our Enterprise plan.

How does the OneLogin + Dialpad integration work?

The OneLogin and Dialpad integration includes both Single Sign On (SSO) via SAML and SCIM user provisioning and de-provisioning. Once the Dialpad app has been added to the OneLogin portal, admins can enforce SSO to access the Dialpad app as well as provision and de-provision Dialpad accounts from OneLogin.

Does the OneLogin integration cost anything?

No, the integration is included as part of the Enterprise plan. However, you will need to be an existing OneLogin customer in order to utilize the features.

This FAQ didn’t answer my question. Where can I learn more?

Check out our help article for more information on the OneLogin integration.

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