Office 365 Integration

From increasing team productivity and collaboration to making modern workforces more mobile, The Microsoft Office 365 integration provides your organization’s employees with instant access to the files, emails, and calendar dates they need most—right inside Dialpad.

Office 365 Integration

Improve productivity by getting access to important Outlook emails, Office documents, and calendar dates right inside of Dialpad.

  • Improved productivity across the enterprise

  • Integration functionality


Does this integration cost more?

No. The Microsoft Office 365 integration is a standard enterprise feature that’s included at no extra charge.

Which integration features are accessible via mobile device?

To keep Dialpad’s mobile interface clean and easy to use, only core Dialpad features are available on mobile devices; access to Office 365 features are limited

Does every user in an organization require an Office 365 account to access Dialpad?

Yes. For both security and functionality purposes, each user must have an Office 365 account to connect with Dialpad?

Does Dialpad offer any other productivity suite integrations?

We also offer a Google G Suite integration for organizations using that platform.

Can individual integration features be enabled and disabled?

Yes. Account administrators can turn email, calendar, and document visibility on and off.

What other features does the integration offer?

The Office 365 integration also makes it easy for individuals to log into their Dialpad account—they simply use their Microsoft credentials.

Our organization is in the process of switching productivity suites. How will that impact Dialpad connectivity?

You can learn more about switching from G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 here.

My questions about the Microsoft Office 365 integrations wasn’t answered here. Where can I got to learn more?

You can check out our technical FAQ article here, or sign up for our bi-weekly live Q and A demo webinar and ask your question there.

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