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The Dialpad mobile app allows enterprise workers to take their offices wherever they go. It’s the best of both worlds: all of the core functionality of the desktop application and the convenience and familiarity of your mobile device. The mobile app allows individual users to place, receive, transfer, and record calls, send and receive messages, check voicemail, and a lot more. And just like the apps workers use every day, the Dialpad mobile app is designed to be completely intuitive so there’s little-to-no training require and adoption is high.

Mobile Apps

Stay connected from any device. With support for iOS and Android, the Dialpad mobile app keeps your organization connected and productive across any device.

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Does Dialpad work across all mobile platforms?

The Dialpad mobile app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices (in addition to Mac and PC desktop applications)

How many mobile devices can each user have connected to their individual accounts?

Users can have up to five devices connected at a time. Learn more about managing mobile devices here.

If a user is on a call on one device, can they use other Dialpad functions on another device?

Yes, you can still use other Dialpad functions—like sending messages—while a call is in progress. However, you cannot have two live calls at the same time.

Can a user log in with more than one Google or Office 365 account?

Every Dialpad user account is tied to a specific email address. So while it is possible to log in with different G Suite or Office 365 accounts, a Dialpad seat must be purchased for that specific email address.

Does the mobile app cost anything?

No. Mobile apps are absolutely free of charge with every Dialpad account and seat.

My question about the app wasn’t answered here. Where can I go to learn more?

Visit our in-depth technical FAQ here.

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