Local Numbers

With Dialpad, you take control. You can add a local number for your enterprise whether you’re a single business user or part of larger team. Build your brand and establish credibility with Dialpad by assigning area codes based on your office location rather than using a randomly assigned number from a database.

Local Numbers

Save money and establish your brand with a local area code for your enterprise.

  • Reduce participant costs with a local number

  • What’s in a number?


Can I change my local number if I need to?

You can add or change your local number at any time with Dialpad. Just contact our support team who can make that change for you.

Am I locked into a contract?

No. Unlike other enterprise phone system providers, Dialpad never has you sign a contract.

Can I have different local numbers?

Yes—business doesn’t happen in one location. With Dialpad, you can have numbers in just about any location you operate in.

Will this service scale as our business grows?

With no contract to tie you into specific pricing, you can easily scale your accounts and associated numbers straight from your management portal. You may also add more local numbers as you need them.

Do you have local numbers outside of the U.S. and Canada?

Yes we do offer international phone numbers. You’ll need to contact support to learn more.

Can I move an existing number into Dialpad?

Absolutely. This is called Number Porting and we make it easy. Learn more about it here.

My question about local numbers wasn’t answered here. Where can I go to learn more?

You can always check out our in-depth Help Article here. If you have additional questions, we highly recommend joining one of our weekly live Q&A webinars to ask your question.

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