G Suite Integration

Create the productivity and communication ecosystem of your dreams. G Suite for Dialpad seamlessly integrates Dialpad’s business communications platform with Google’s suite of business applications that your team is already using to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

G Suite Integration

Access shared Google docs, emails, and calendar events right inside Dialpad while enjoying the simplicity and security of single sign on with the G Suite integration.

  • G Suite means secure productivity

  • Easy user provisioning with G Suite + SAML

  • Dialpad and your G Suite Data


What does the G Suite integration offer?

The G Suite integration has many benefits. For the end user, it’s access to important shared emails, documents, and calendar dates right inside Dialpad. For the administrator, it makes onboarding, team and user creation, and ongoing management simple and fast.

Which documents does the user see in Dialpad?

Only documents that are shared between the user and the person they’re contacting. For example: a spreadsheet that the whole team uses, or a presentation that was shared with the entire department.

Which Calendar events does the user see in Dialpad?

The user sees only calendar events that are shared with the person they’re speaking with in their organization. For example, the next team meeting.

Which emails does the user see in Dialpad?

The user sees emails that were also sent the person they’re speaking with. For example: an organizational announcement or an ongoing team thread about a project.

Does the G Suite integration work on all devices?

For usability purposes, only core Dialpad functionality is available on mobile devices.

Can sidebar integrations be customized?

Yes. The Dialpad account administrator can control which integrations are available to users.

How long does it take to provision new G Suite users in Dialpad?

Adding new users to Dialpad is almost instant and very easy to do.

Is G Suite the only productivity suite integration Dialpad offers?

We also offer a Office 365 integration for enterprise organizations on that prefer Microsoft.

How do I move my company directory from G Suite into Dialpad?

Dialpad continuously syncs with your G Suite address book, so the moment a new user is added to G Suite and Dialpad, that contact information is updated across the board.

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