Keeping your data safe and secure is just as important to us as providing you with the best cloud-based communications platform out there. That’s why we ensure that all of your data—from personally identifiable information to financial and payment details to actual call and message data—is encrypted and secure everywhere and at all times with the unrivalled security of the Google Cloud Platform.


All of your personal data and communication data is encrypted end-to-end to keep it safe and secure at all times.

  • Google Cloud Platform: The standard for encryption

  • Call encryption

  • The importance of strong encryption


Is all data encrypted?

Yes. Regardless of what the data is being sent, received, or stored, it is encrypted.

What kind of encryption is used for customer data?

All customer data is encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard on the Google Cloud Platform.

Does encryption cost anything?

Absolutely not. All Dialpad’s security features are built into the core product and provided free of charge.

What is the risk of data being unencrypted?

Simply, it means that virtually anyone with a bit of knowledge can eavesdrop on conversations and steal data without too much effort.

Does encryption ever interfere with quality of service?

Not at all. Voice conversations are as clear as day, regardless of robust layers of encryption.

Where can I learn more about encryption?

Check out this White Paper on Security as well as this blog post on how to secure your data in the cloud.

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