Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb allows individual users to silence incoming calls to all of their devices.

Do Not Disturb

Prevent the unwanted interruptions and distractions of incoming calls by turning on Dialpad’s Do Not Disturb feature.

  • Disconnecting

  • Focus when it matters

  • How to use Do Not Disturb on your device


Can Do Not Disturb be accessed on any device?

Yes. Do Not Disturb can be accessed and activated on all Dialpad-connected devices. However, setting a DND timer can only be done on the desktop application.

Does Do Not Disturb need to be activated on all devices individually?

No, once the function is activated on one device, it will be activated across all devices for that user. Deactivation of the feature works the same way.

What do incoming callers experience when Do Not Disturb is activated?

Callers are sent to that phone number’s voicemail inbox where they can leave a message for the recipient.

How can I tell if Do Not Disturb is activated?

With Do Not Disturb activated, a red notification appears on all of your Dialpad-connected devices.

Is Do Not Disturb an add-on feature with extra costs?

DND is included for every user in every Enterprise plan.

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