With Dialpad, installation, configuration, and user management are a breeze. In next to no time, you’ll increase productivity and collaboration by providing everyone in your organization a cloud-based communications platform that unifies voice and text communication. And you’ll give IT the bandwidth they need to focus on other business-critical issues.


Get up and running with Dialpad in weeks instead of months. Dialpad’s ultra-fast deployment means your firing on all cylinders almost immediately.

  • Ensuring a successful installation

  • Making the most of your investment

  • Scaling communications as your enterprise grows


How long does it take to deploy Dialpad?

While every installation is different depending on the enterprise size and locations, a typical deployment takes a few weeks at most—much faster than the deployment of traditional PBX solutions.

How much does it cost?

There is no additional cost to deploy Dialpad across your enterprise—just your $35 monthly seat fee. Learn more on our pricing page.

Does the size of the company affect deployment times?

It may. The bigger factor that affects deployment are the needs of your organization. Speak to sales for an estimate on your organization’s deployment time.

We’d like to give our employees the option of having a desktop phone and using their own devices. Can we do this?

Yes, Dialpad supports the use of physical desk phones as well as your workers’ own personal devices.

How easy is it to add and remove users?

It’s a snap with Dialpad. Learn more about user management.

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