Call Recording

Call Recording is a valuable communications tool for modern enterprise organizations. With just a click, you can start recording calls that will help you improve customer service and create official business records of important conversations. In cases where local legislation and compliance requires, Dialpad also lets you record calls company-wide and provides you with the privacy notifications required within certain regions.

Call Recording

Record both inbound and outbound calls to keep official records of conversations, comply with legislation, and even improve customer service in your organization.

  • Improve customer service

  • Official record of conversations

  • Legal compliance

  • Privacy


Does Call Recording cost more?

Call Recording is freely available for unlimited use in all Dialpad Enterprise plans.

Where are recording calls stored?

When an individual records a call, it is stored in their inbox, under ‘Recordings’ where they can then download it to their computer. Additionally, users may choose to have their recordings backed up in their Google Drive.

Is Call Recording a feature that can be activated on all connected devices?

Yes, Call Recording is accessible on any device you have connected to Dialpad.

What format are calls recording in?

Call Recordings are always in MP3 format to reduce the size of the audio file while retaining the quality.

How long do recorded calls stay inside the Dialpad inbox?

The recordings will remain in the inbox until the user chooses to delete them.

How are recorded calls shared?

Once a call is recorded, it can then be downloaded to a computer and then attached to an email.

Can I record calls on shared lines?

Yes, Dialpad allows calls to be recorded on shared company lines.

Can I enable Call Recording enterprise wide?

Yes. Administrators can activate Call Recording across the entire organization. Learn more about how to enable the feature company-wide here.

Can I turn off Call Recording?

Yes. Administrators can turn Call Recording on or off company wide, at the department level, or at the individual level.

My question about call recording wasn’t answered here. Where can I learn more?

Take a look at our in-depth how-to article on Call Recording in our Help Center, or register for our live Q&A session and ask your question there.

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