Call Forwarding

Call forwarding provides Dialpad users to stay reachable with the ability to send incoming Dialpad calls to up to five different external phone numbers—either mobile or landline. This is ideal for scenarios in which users don’t have access to Dialpad-connected devices or a mobile connection, but still need to receive business calls.

Call Forwarding

Easily forward business calls to an external phone number or device that’s not connected to Dialpad.

  • Never miss an important call

  • How device forwarding works


What’s the difference between call forwarding and simultaneous ringing?

Simultaneous ringing instantly sends incoming calls to all Dialpad connected devices. With call forwarding, the call first goes to your Dialpad connected devices, and is then forwarded to a non-Dialpad connected device.

How many numbers can be added to call forwarding?

Each user can add up to five external numbers to their forwarded numbers list.

Can users select which numbers incoming calls ring without deleting listed numbers?

Yes, users can choose to have any combination of listed forwarded numbers accept calls when this feature is activated.

Does call forwarding cost anything?

There is no additional cost to Dialpad for using call forwarding. However, check with your external providers for any external costs incurred.

Can I forward calls to a number outside of the country?

No. The forwarding number must be in the same international region as the Dialpad number.

Can a user control how an incoming forwarded call is displayed?

Yes. The ability to choose between originating number, company number, and Dialpad number can be selected within the individual users’ settings.

Can a user also receive forwarded SMS messages from Dialpad?

It is possible to activate SMS text message forwarding within the web settings portal.

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