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Multi-tasking. Wearing more than one hat. Juggling. Call it what you want but the facts remain: working in an environment where you’re constantly jumping between tasks can take a serious toll on your mental health, quality of work, or even the ability to learn new things.

Why context switching is so bad for us

Where do we begin? For starters, the APA found that when we’re asked to context switch or take on more than one task at a time, we actually do worse at both tasks.

Some other supporting evidence of the real cost of context switching from Psychology Today:

  • It takes you longer to complete the assigned tasks if you had to switch between them vs doing them one at a time
  • The harder the task (i.e. more complex) the more errors you’re likely to make juggling between them
  • Task-switching takes up 1/10 of a second but add that up in a single day and you’re looking at zapping up to 40% of your productivity

How the (right) tech can streamline your focus

Let’s admit it: workplace tech can be as much a blessing as it can be a curse. For starters, sometimes there’s just too much of it. On average, today’s worker is using an average of 9 different apps.

And while we get that some work really does require employees to juggle between multiple apps (anyone that’s ever worked in customer support knows what’s up), the point is that the right tech shouldn’t make you feel like you’re constantly jumping between apps or tasks.

Which brings us to our latest announcement: starting today, Dialpad + Front now work together to help make context switching, well, not a thing.

Dialpad + Front: An Answer to Context Switching

With Dialpad + Front, teams can connect with customers without having to switch between apps (or even feel like they’re using more than one tool at a time).

Once your admin has added the Dialpad app to your Front account, simply select the Dialpad logo from your sidebar to be able to:

Interested in learning more? Click here to see it in action, learn more about support functionality, and get your FAQs answered.