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In our first post, we explored telephone phobia, the number of people affected, and some of the cited reasons people have experienced it. In this post, we’re going to highlight three best tips to help you pick up the phone with a bit more confidence.

3 Tips to Overcoming Phone Phobia

1. Take time to ask yourself where your anxiety is coming from

    How much easier is it to solve a problem when you know the answer? Duh, very. Which is why before you do anything to try to overcome your anxiety you should ask yourself:

      • When do you feel the most anxious (ex: when I receive an unexpected call vs when I have to have a difficult conversation with a colleague)
      • Are there certain people you work or associate with that seem to trigger your anxiety? What about the opposite—are there people you know that you always feel comfortable with whenever you’re on the phone?
      • Are there specific topics of discussion that bring about your anxiety? Salary conversations, for example, have been known to make even the most confident person a bit queasy

      2. Practice makes perfect...or at least, better than before

      This is going to seem obvious but the best way to overcome a fear is to face it, head-on, until it doesn’t bring on the anxiety it did before. It’s also going to be the hardest one to stick to. It’s human nature to avoid the thing you’re afraid of and it’s even easier with so many other options out there: text, WhatsApp, Slack, email, carrier pigeon...

      But the fact is, you can’t get any better unless you practice. Ask any professional athlete, musician, writer, actor—you get the idea. Of course, you probably want to start off with simple, no pressure kinds of conversations with colleagues before hopping on that 11th-hour price negotiation.

      3. Keep your go-to resources close by

      It’s bad enough having to deal with the anxiety around not feeling prepared for a phone call but what’s even worse is thinking you’re prepared, only to have the wind (figuratively) knocked out of you with a surprise question or shift in the subject.

      Sans developing mind-reading capabilities overnight, the best way to walk into a conversation with confidence is being prepared with all the pertinent info you have. And if the calls you’re having can happen from the comfort of your desk or home office, even better—you can keep everything you need right in front of you for quick access without the other person ever knowing.

      It Can Get Better

      Overcoming your fear around the phone isn’t going to happen overnight but it will get better with some time, practice, and the understanding that we’re all trying to get better at something. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone: talking to others about the anxiety you feel, receiving support from your colleagues and friends will certainly go a long way in helping you navigate your fears.

      Plus, with the shape of tech today, there are so many workplace tools that can help raise your phone call confidence, whether that’s because they can bring together all the info you need in a single place before you hop on a call or by offering you some guidance on what to say when you’re feeling a bit lost for words.

      The point is, no matter what device or tool you use, it’s the conversation you’re having that’s going to make or break the call. And that’s what we’re building for you here at Dialpad: a better call through the conversation, not the device.