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This past week, 25,000 people gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah for Silicon Slopes, the fast-growing and indubitably interesting gathering of entrepreneurs, technophiles, product leads, and sales teams to discuss the latest and greatest in tech --and how new trends in the market will drive stronger teams, and products.

This was Dialpad’s first year at the gathering, and we had some really fascinating conversations with IT leaders, CEOs and industry heads who are actively seeking a solution to their traditional business phone systems. At Dialpad, we like to say that we are in the early days of the telephone’s history, and it will be new technologies like Dialpad Ai—real-time coaching, voice transcription, and more—that will be the great differentiator for the most innovative companies. In the world of business text messaging and instant messaging, our most impactful customer experiences start with voice, making it more important than ever.

Here are our key learnings/takeaways from Silicon Slopes:

  • Utah is the fastest growing state for new businesses, and the most successful businesses get there with the right tools to help them grow at the same pace.
  • Silicon Slopes launched a Utah-only venture capital fund to help local startups.
  • Political debates abounded at the event, event, featuring a mix of tech and policy.
  • The intersection of tech and education was a highlight of the event, both from the speaking sessions and throughout the event’s expo hall, tech arcade, and VIP film screening with Sundance.

The Dialpad Takeaway: Silicon Slopes was an inspiring, valuable, and interesting experience. It was great to meet and share ideas with so many people in the same space and share how we can partner with companies such as JumpCrew and MarketStar to help them build their data driven sales teams.