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This month we doubled down on partnerships with integrations from G Suite, and Front plus added an easier way to make sure VIP customers are reaching your support agents. Let’s take a closer look at what was released on the Dialpad platform in February.

Dialpad + Front: An Answer to Context Switching

Dialpad + Front now work together to help make context switching, well, not a thing. Teams can now connect their Front inbox + phone system without having to switch screens.

Available to download from the Front app store, the Dialpad integration allows you to:

Prioritizing Your VIP Customers

When VIPs call into your support team you want to make sure they get the treatment they deserve (and probably pay for). With Queue Prioritization, managers can create an ordered list of which Call Centers get first priority when calls come in.

🧠Did you know that you can create a label for phone #s assigned to your Call Centers and have that appear on the inbound call notification?

How Suite It Is: G Suite + Dialpad

Right at the end of January, Google announced that their G Suite add-ons were now officially live for all Calendar, Gmail, and Drive customers:

“With G Suite Add-ons, workflows that require third-party applications can be executed inside G Suite, allowing users and teams to use the applications they want without leaving G Suite. For example, you can install the Workfront add-on for quick access across Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive.”

Both Dialpad + Dialpad UberConference are available add-ons; Dialpad is available for Gmail users while Dialpad UberConference is available for Calendar users.

Dialpad for Gmail

Gives you the option to launch a Dialpad call or send a quick message from inside Gmail.

Dialpad UberConference for Google Calendar

Gives you the option to add your Dialpad UberConference details to your next calendar invite. When you’re ready to hop into your meeting, just select the Join Dialpad UberConference link.

The Dialpad + Dialpad UberConference add-ons are now available on the G Suite marketplace.

But wait...there's more!

  • We’ve made some improvements to both Android search results and your desktop app to make it easier to find what you’re looking for a bit easier

  • Vi sentiment analysis triggers have gone through some re-working to be more accurate and capture those extreme moments (both positive and negative)

  • We’ve made some tweaks to your transcriptions so we’re not including extra filler words like “um” or “uhs”

  • Sell managers can now see when competitors defined in your company dictionary are mentioned on a call. Track mentions over time in analytics or drill down on a specific point in the call to learn about what your customers are saying

  • Improvements to action item suggestions now help you focus on what's important to follow up on. Look out for moments in your call where a conversation around contacting, sending some information or setting up a meeting occurred

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