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Here at Dialpad, we pride ourselves on being a valued part of our customers’ organizations. So, it was incredibly exciting when our customers recently recognized us as a leader among VoIP providers. This honor was reflected in G2’s latest Momentum Grid® report for VoIP—where Dialpad Talk, our business phone system, received a Momentum score that ranked us in the top 25 percentile.

To provide a bit more context, G2 evaluates products and vendors based on customer reviews of the platform’s users as well as aggregated social, web, and employee data. This accumulation of feedback from real users offers an unbiased, comprehensive assessment of the product, differing from other reports based on the experience of an individual analyst. G2’s Grid Reports provide a quick overview of vendors in each category to help buyers easily identify the software that best fits the needs of their business and we are thrilled that our customers see value in Dialpad’s platform.

From SaaS companies to law firms and enterprises to startups, Dialpad supports more than 62,000 organizations worldwide and our reviews showed that! The reviews came from customers in a wide variety of industries and sizes. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers had to say about voice calls with Dialpad:

An enterprise customer in real estate wrote, “I enjoy that I’m able to call my clients who have overseas numbers, and the connection is extremely strong and clear when I’m talking.”

A CEO of a small computer software company commented, “It's just nice to have a dependable virtual phone line to use for your business. Added bonuses include business hours, routing rules, managing your team, etc. The setup is quick and simple, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business.”

Delivering the best product and customer experience is near and dear to Dialpad’s heart, and there is no better reward than reading all the glowing feedback and valuable suggestions from our beloved users.

According to the G2 report, Dialpad Talk’s HD phone calls and business messaging are some of our highest rated features. Aside from unmatched mobility, flexibility, and security, the ease of use and simple setup are two specific G2 categories where Dialpad significantly outperformed other VoIP providers. These favorite features are reflected in our reviews as well:

“Dialpad is easy to use and intuitive. We started with Google Voice but moved to Dialpad to handle our business phone calls and texts in a more professional manner, and it works great!” -- Kevin, Director of Marketing and Operations

“Easy to use, easy to call people, amazing product. Being able to make calls on all devices and switching between devices is my favorite feature.” -- Justin, Sales Consultant

“Dialpad is very easy to use and I like how you don't need an actual desk phone since you can just use the app on your cell phone.” -- Margaret, Office Administrator

Read the full report to see for yourself why Dialpad is a leading VoIP Provider!

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