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Whether you are trying to convert a prospect into a paying customer or convince an existing customer to sign up for another year of service, clear and effective communication with your audience plays an important role in your business success.

The hard truth? Clients and prospects only have so many hours in their days and are bombarded with targeted outreach from various brands. This means businesses of all shapes and sizes need to think about the most effective ways to connect with their audience.

Often, most of this discussion centers on social media or email marketing. While these can be good ways to reach out to your prospects and customers, you'd be remiss not to consider business text messaging, as it can be an extremely effective way to accomplish your sales and marketing goals.

Let's take a deep dive into business text messaging and how you can leverage it to enhance your customer engagement. With these insights in mind, you will be able to use this channel to develop closer relationships with your audience.

Business Text Messaging Basics

At its core, business text messaging is essentially what you think it is. It is communicating to an intended person or group of people via SMS (text messages) or MMS (multi-media messages).

The core value proposition of business text messaging is that it lets your business connect with your audience on an extremely personal level. The data proves it. According to one study by global tech care company Asurion, Americans now check their phones a stunning 96 times per day.

While most of us are using our phones to work or pass the time, text messages immediately capture our attention. Upon receiving a text message, we experience a hit of dopamine in our brains. Our brains keep seeking that dopamine hit, implicitly leading us to continue checking our phones. We eventually do get that text and the cycle repeats itself. Combined with an increasingly digital-first world, the screen of your audience’s cell phone can be some of the world’s most valuable real estate.

Leveraging business text messaging, you and your team can connect with prospects and customers in many different ways. Some of these include:

  • Appointment reminders: If you operate a service-based business, you can easily text appointment reminders to your customers. Doing this, you can more easily avoid canceled or missed meetings, thereby protecting your business’s valuable time.
  • Follow-up inquiries: After meeting with a customer or prospect, your business can send a quick follow-up text, asking for feedback or inviting any additional questions from your meeting.
  • Special offers: You can use business text messaging to send special offers or deals to your followers. While you don’t want to be spammy, business text messaging can be a great way to broadcast special deals to your audience.
  • Personalized Extras: Everything from birthday shoutouts to holiday messages is fair game. It gives you another chance to treat your customer like a person and build a long-lasting organic relationship.
  • Contests or Sweepstakes: Using a text to win model, you can offer awesome prizes for customers or prospects.

These are just some of the many ways that you can use business text messaging. The beauty of connecting via business SMS is that as long as you are not spamming your audience or violating relevant text messaging laws, the sky is the limit.

Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement Through Business Text Messaging

So how can you use business SMS to increase customer engagement? While there is no explicit step-by-step playbook, there are a variety of tactics that you can use that will pay off in spades.

Before sharing those topics, however, a warning. None of the following tactics or strategies are going to work if you spam your audience. Spamming your audience is not only extremely annoying, but it may cause you to violate several text messaging laws. We don’t mean to provide legal advice here. The safest thing to do is speak with a lawyer so that you are absolutely confident that you are complying with all relevant text messaging laws.

Assuming that you are squared away in the spamming and legal departments, one of the most effective ways to increase customer engagement via business text messaging is by tying offers with value.

Simply put, every interaction with customers or prospects should lead with value. You need to show your target why they should pay attention to your text out of the many text messages that they receive. A great way to do this is to educate your audience. As an example, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk leveraged business text messaging for his family’s company called Wine Library. Wine Library would send subscribers daily texts about wines and exclusive wine deals. Even if customers didn’t purchase wine every day, this sophisticated group of wine aficionados would look forward to Wine Library’s text messages. They would be little snippets of information that could help them become even more knowledgeable about their passion.

As you can see, Gary didn’t only provide information. He sent his subscribers exclusive wine deals and subscribers took advantage of them. That being said, he recognized that customers don’t just want deals or coupons. They want valuable information. By pairing offers or deals with valuable information for your audience, you will quickly create an engaged and passionate group of subscribers.

Next, text reminders can be an effective part of your customer engagement strategy. In all likelihood, you already receive text reminders for businesses that you've previously visited. It can be everything from a reminder for a scheduled appointment or a reminder to pick up an item that you ordered.

Text reminders are so effective because they are quick and seamless. They cater to individuals (especially those of the Millennial or Gen Z generations) who prefer texting over talking on the phone. Moreover, they save you time from making phone calls to confirm appointments or pickups.

As is the rule with all types of business writing, make sure that your texts are concise. Aim to use as few words as possible. And don't forget to make it clear that subscribers can always opt out of future texts. Doing this, you will be making life easier for both you and your customers.

From text reminders, you can use business text messaging to build hype for an upcoming product or service launch. If a prospect or customer opts-in to your text messages, it’s safe to say that they are interested in your company. They may have had a great experience with your brand or were intrigued by how your product or service can improve their lives. Whatever the case may be, you should leverage this enthusiasm as you are launching a new product or service.

There are plenty of ways to go about this. You can give your text message subscribers a sneak peek at the new product or service. You could offer a discount or reduced price. You could even run a contest where those who share the news about your product or service get that product or service for free. Whatever it is, your audience of text message subscribers can be a powerful force in building hype and buzz around your new product or service. Make sure to take advantage of that latent energy. It may mean the difference between an extremely successful and a lackluster launch.

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We are now living in a world where our smartphones are extensions of ourselves. Essentially, they are our second brains, allowing us to speak with anyone on the planet and access an infinite amount of information. Truly, they are revolutionary devices and aren’t going away anytime soon.

To take advantage of this power, we strongly recommend that you leverage business text messaging. It is an incredibly useful way to stay in touch with your customers. No matter your customer engagement strategy, you and your colleagues can use business text messaging to accomplish your organization’s goals. As long as you stay consistent and implement a smart strategy, business text messaging can be a true game changer!

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