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Vivint Solar® is a residential solar company with nearly 4,000 employees across 51 offices. Its mission is to flip the switch on how the world consumes power. With a workforce that’s 63% remote, the company needed a communications infrastructure that could support its anywhere workers. Dialpad gave Vivint Solar’s® teams the freedom to extend conversations beyond physical offices, and onto any device.

For years, Vivint Solar® relied on an on-premises PBX system that required physical infrastructure, regular maintenance, and a five-person team to manage. Tied to desk phones, employees were restricted and unable to collaborate on-the-go. As the company continued to expand across the U.S., the scalability of the system became a growing concern.

“Traditional phone systems tether you to a desk. Dialpad let's us kill the desk phone and work from anywhere.”

Mike Hincks | Director of IT
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“Traditional phone systems tether you to a desk. Dialpad let's us kill the desk phone and work from anywhere.”

Mike Hincks | Director of IT

Empowering the anywhere worker

Local or remote, employees can now spin up offices anywhere in the world. Solar technicians can field voice calls on rooftops, support reps can send texts to account managers from headquarters, and HR specialists can chat with prospects on their commute to work. Regardless of the channel or device, teams can tap into Dialpad and pick up conversations right where they left off.

The company's IT leadership has also eliminated the people and dollars traditionally spent on managing an on-premises PBX. The department transitioned from five full-time staff managing the company’s communications network to one individual that spends 5% of his time administering Dialpad’s business phone system.

Vivint Solar’s® vision is to be a cloud-first company. From communications to email, the organization's IT stack is designed with the modern worker in mind. This shift away from physical desk phones has allowed the enterprise to achieve new levels of productivity. Employees are now more agile, connected, and accessible than ever. By powering conversations that live across any device, Vivint Solar’s® IT team has created a true work-from-anywhere culture.

Vivint Solar works from anywhere with Dialpad

And your teams can, too

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