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Postmates Closes Deals From Anywhere with Dialpad

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Dialpad + Postmates

Founded in San Francisco just five years ago, Postmates has rapidly ascended as one of the stars of the on-demand economy, allowing anyone to purchase virtually any product and have it delivered in minutes. A key component fueling the company’s growth has been its speed and efficiency in teaming up with local merchants as well as large national brands like Starbucks, Apple, and Chipotle.

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For Anand Dass, Postmates’ Director of Business Development, the decision to move to Dialpad was inspired by a need to optimize the company’s sales operations. Dass and his team needed a communications platform that could scale with Postmates’ rapid U.S. expansion, and eliminate the pain points of a legacy desk phone infrastructure.

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We killed 100% of our desk phones after switching to Dialpad.

— Anand Dass, Director of Business Development at Postmates

Supporting Anywhere
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In scaling its organization, Postmates has focused on accelerating sales through an agile, work-from-anywhere culture. With sales representatives across 90 cities in 24 states, it’s important for the company to access granular metrics on how reps are handling outbound calls, how many calls are being made, and how productive that process is.

Photo: Rapt Studio

Photo: Rapt Studio

“Dialpad is critical to how we sell,” said Anand Dass, Director of Business Development at Postmates. “If we didn't have a reliable, scalable way to reach out to our busy partners, we wouldn't be able to hit our numbers.” Now, Dialpad enables sales reps to communicate with prospects across any channel or device. Dass says Dialpad’s integration with Salesforce has also been essential for tracking company-wide communications. “With Dialpad, we can click-to-call right out of Salesforce, allowing us to close deals a lot more quickly.”

Photo: Rapt Studio

Supporting its salespeople didn’t require Postmates to undergo a massive IT project or arduous system deployment. Under Dass’ leadership, Postmates eliminated 100% of desk phones in just two days. “Culture is a product of people, processes, and tools that define how people think and act,” said Dass. “Dialpad is one of those critical tools.”

Dialpad Kills the Desk Phone

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