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Dialpad + Betts Recruiting

Betts Recruiting is a leading recruitment firm specializing in revenue-generating talent. The company partners with innovative startups in the US and Europe, matching them with top candidates in Sales, Marketing, Customer Success. With offices across the globe, Betts’ distributed workforce needed a Business Communications Platform that could connect internal teams and enable them to recruit from anywhere.

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The Deployment in Numbers

Monthly Cost Savings


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Killing the Desk Phone

Across Betts Recruiting’s global offices, telephony is the backbone driving daily business activity. But prior to Dialpad, employees spent their days reliant on an aging ShoreTel PBX system. Tied to desk phones, recruiters and sales reps struggled to reach prospects on-the-go. “Our goal is to support the way our employees work today. They’re on the move, and they need tools that free them to do their best work from anywhere,” explained Radley Meyers, VP of Sales and Recruiting.

Distributed Workforce

Global Scale

Legacy ShoreTel PBX

Costly IT Overhead

After moving to Dialpad, we slashed telephony costs by 90%.

— Radley Meyers, VP of Sales and Recruiting

Empowering the
Anywhere Recruiter

With Dialpad, Betts Recruiting eliminated challenges of scale and flexibility. Now, the organization’s communications network lives in the cloud, requires zero upkeep, and works across any device. For Betts Recruiting’s IT team, setting up employees on Dialpad was quick and intuitive. Admins could provision users and port existing numbers within minutes, resulting in adoption rates that were 3x faster than the company’s PBX system.

“Whether employees are at the airport, moving between offices, or visiting a client site, they’re instantly accessible from anywhere,” explained Meyers. Teams can also customize their outbound strategy by sending softer follow-ups via Dialpad SMS, resulting in higher response rates and a dramatic uptick in conversation volume.

“We’re opening up channels and enabling people to prospect in new and innovative ways,” said Meyers. “Restricting our recruiters and sales reps to making calls from a specific desk during certain hours of the day is now a relic of the past.” This versatility has created a tangible shift in company-wide productivity. From sending thousands of outreach texts per week, to closing deals with startups, Betts’ teams have revolutionized the speed at which they place candidates and land partnerships.

Dialpad Kills the Desk Phone

The Best ROI. Period.

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