Save time and money compared to traditional phone systems

Traditional phone systems require paying multiple license fees to access additional features. In addition, monthly phone bills can add up with all the per minute charges. Our clear and simple pricing gives you all of your end user and company level features, as well as unlimited domestic calls and texts.

Dialpad's business phone solution doesn’t require any hardware, carrier integrations, or costly IT maintenance. With Dialpad, your new office phone can be set up in minutes across the country or around the world. Not only is this cost-effective but time-saving as employees automatically receive the latest features and upgrades.

Enable true mobility for your team

Today’s employees are constantly on-the-go, working from their desk, from home, at Starbucks, or at the airport. Dialpad enables true mobility by allowing seamless communication through the mobile app. Your team can easily install the Dialpad mobile app to send and receive business calls on their personal device. Mobile apps include:

  • Ability to send and receive calls with your business caller ID
  • Access to company directory
  • Ability to send and receive SMS and instant messages
  • Access to voicemails and call recordings

Increase productivity through seamless integrations

Having more context on a call makes employees more productive. Traditional business phone systems provide dial tone and basic caller ID. Dialpad integrates with other cloud technologies, giving phone calls rich context. Inbound calls have caller ID with LinkedIn information. While on a call, users can seamlessly access information from Google Apps such as recent Gmail messages, future Google Calendar events, and share Google Docs.

"What’s most exciting to our team is the ‘plug and play’ nature of Dialpad. To be able to get setup quickly and do things that you wouldn’t be able to do on an old-school, traditional phone system, with a click, is really compelling."

– John Karlo Torres, Development Project Manager at CoachArt

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