Dialpad's cloud PBX is the best option for a business phone line.

A Business Phone Line that Works for You

One Call Rings Them All

When you sign up with Dialpad business VoIP phone system, you’ll automatically receive your own business phone line for your Company in addition to one for your direct, personal calls.

Calls that ring your business phone line ring all your connected Dialpad devices at once, ensuring that you’re never out of reach when an important call comes through.

Plus sharing your line over multiple devices encourages you to work where you’re most productive, whether that’s from your cubicle, the couch, or your favorite coffee shop.

Concerned over security? Having your business line tied to your Dialpad account doubles down on your personal security and removes the concern over sharing your own personal information.

Local or Toll-Free Calling

In today’s connected world, it’s essential for companies to have a dedicated business line. And by adding a toll-free number to your account, you’re establishing a professional appearance that enhances customer experience.

Claim either your local or toll-free number with Dialpad when you sign up.

"If we decide that we want to turn any space into a meeting room, we just create a new department line and place it in there. It simplifies my job so much, and that’s exactly what I look for when I switch to a new service."

– Ian Cook, Head of IT - charity: water

Get a Dialpad Business Phone Line

With Dialpad, claiming your business phone number is only a fraction of the capabilities you have within the platform.

A business communications system should work for you, continually working to make managing your team’s communication easier than ever.

Beyond your local or toll-free number, Dialpad also offers you:

  • An easy, step-by-step way to add more lines to your Departments or team members
  • Personalized auto-attendant recordings for your business lines
  • Custom IVRs to direct calls where they need to go

Business Phone for G Suite

Your business runs on Google apps so you need a G Suite business phone line i.e. a business phone system that integrates beautifully with G Suite. Dialpad is a Recommended for G Suite Partner and is built on Google Cloud Platform, making it the obvious choice as your G Suite phone system. Sync contacts and share docs to your heart’s content with Dialpad and G Suite.

Business Phone for Office 365

Looking for a business phone line that works fantastically with the Microsoft apps your team uses every day? The Dialpad and Office 365 integration gives businesses a ready made O365 phone system. Your team can now work from anywhere with a cloud based business phone system to go with their cloud productivity suite.

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