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Here’s a quick test: what percentage of mobile calls are expected to be spam by the end of this year? If you answered half, not only are you right on the money but there’s a good chance that you’ve experienced a few too many spammers in your time, too.

Spam calls aren’t just annoying (although they definitely are that), they’re also disruptive to your daily operations, especially when your phone lines need to be open for customer support or inbound prospects.

A Growing Trend?

Back in 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received around 63,000 complaints about illegal spam calls per month. In 2017 that number jumped to 375,000 per month—six times the amount less than ten years earlier.

And while the FTC is trying their best to mitigate spam callers with the National Do Not Call registry, the simple fact is that it’s extremely cheap for spammers to create new numbers. In fact, it ends up costing a spammer only $0.01 to place a spoofed call.

Spam: By The Numbers

According to one study, combined spam and telemarketing calls totaled 2.2 billion this past January.

Call Type

Estimated January Spam Calls

Percentage of Jan Spam Calls

Alerts and Reminders

1.09 billion


Payment Reminders

968 million



908 million



2.216 million


So what reason did spam callers use to place all these calls?

Type of Scam

Est. Jan Spam Calls

Summary of Scam

Health/Health Insurance


Identity theft/scam payments

Interest Rate Scams


Identity theft

Student Loan Scams


Identity theft/scam payments

Easy Money Scams


Pay to make money/get job

Search Listing Scams


Fake search listing fee

Keep spam on the shelf, not on your phone

Even with all these stats, there’s still a silver lining for consumers. There are a ton of resources out there to educate yourself on how to avoid spam calls, including some tips from the FTC themselves.

If you’d rather take the headache out of managing spam yourself, a business communications partner like Dialpad could be your solution.

With Dialpad, teams not only benefit from a multi-layered approach to call blocking and spam prevention, but a cloud-based communication solution that nixes communication silos between teams while increasing individual productivity.

Dialpad Key Features

  • Unlimited HD quality voice calling
  • Automatic user provisioning
  • Seamless, native integrations with Google, Slack, and more
  • Real-time transcriptions plus post call action items
  • Real-time call analytics and reporting
  • Real-time sales and support coaching
  • Supported across multiple devices (laptop, desk phone, mobile, tablet)

Spam Blocking Features

  • Full block (play “Number not in service” message)
  • Straight to VM (no notification)
  • Straight to VM (notification plus live, real-time transcription)
  • IVR screening (“Please state your name and Dialpad will try to connect you”)
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