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I started at Dialpad two years ago and was quickly impressed by high employee engagement and an executive team that lived and breathed transparency and collaboration--under the heading “Do The Right Thing.” And for me, as a new working mother, I appreciated the company’s deep-rooted philosophy that work-life balance directly aligned with our products’ ability to allow us to “Work From Anywhere.”

Fast forward two years. As we started hearing more about COVID-19 over the past couple weeks, we knew that we needed to quickly embrace our core company values, and use our own products, to assist our team of global employees and help them remotely. We formed an internal task force and implemented a series of proactive steps:

1) On March 5, we communicated to our global offices that we would be allowing all of our 450 employees to work from home until further notice, and in turn, the global People Experience team, made up of People & Recruiting Operations, People Programs, HR Business Partnerships, Recruiting, IT & Facilities, and Office Operations, coordinated the transition from an in-person experience to a remote experience for interviewing candidates, onboarding new hires, and creating a positive for experience for current employees.

2) We quickly worked to identify what was and wasn’t working. We knew that many of our employees and interviewing candidates weren’t used to a full-time remote environment. So, we relied heavily on Dialpad's video conferencing functionality to simulate all in-person experiences--from face-to-face interviews, new hire onboarding, collaboration within our teams and cross-functionally, virtual water coolers and lunches, and CEO-initiated virtual office hours. In addition, all Dialers have been relying heavily on the Dialpad's instant messaging and text messaging to share information like company-wide announcements, ongoing initiatives and day-to-day responsibilities.

3) On Friday, Dialpad announced that we are expanding our job postings from specific offices to a Work From Anywhere policy. So, from this point forward, all new candidates would have the ability to apply for a job--not from a specific location--but from anywhere in the world.

4) And finally, today we announced a partnership with Crosschq-- a leading provider of digital reference checking--to help companies remotely and reliably talk, text, and video chat with job candidates, maintaining in-depth and personal interactions and interviews. This is part of an effort to help companies confront a changing workforce and hiring landscape by also bringing in partners like Okta and Glassdoor.

In a time of uncertainty, here’s what we do know. Dialpad is a company for the future workplace, the virtual workplace, where we can create, impact, collaborate, and produce results from anywhere. Although we miss our daily in-person interactions, we will together make the impossible possible, in virtually emulating that Dialpad experience of “doing the right thing.”

Let’s connect. Let’s reach new potentials. Let’s succeed. Until next time… Cheers!

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