Azure Launch Blog Hero

The next statement is going to be pretty obvious, but just humor me: IT strategy and work can be tough. Groundbreaking, I know. It just seems like you’re constantly playing defense. WiFi network down? Password reset? Printer jam? Yeah, that’s right—call IT down here.

All joking aside, we know that IT is more than fixing printers and connecting wires. They’re the gatekeepers when it comes to standardizing how you work—vetting new platforms and vendors to make sure that they’re really delivering what they’ve promised (a tough enough job in itself). And when something goes off that shouldn’t or vice versa, it’s IT that’s up in the middle of the night figuring it out.

Automate with cloud apps

While we probably can’t solve for all the fires that IT puts out each day, we can (thanks to the cloud) help make them less frequent and less of a headache to put out. That’s because our native integration with Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (AD) takes the heavy lifting out of user provisioning—every time a new user is created in Azure, they’ll automatically get their business number and access granted to them day one. In other words: less manual entry, happier IT teams. Talk about a win-win.

Introducing: Azure + Dialpad

Here’s how it works: an Azure admin simply downloads the Dialpad app straight from the AD marketplace to set up the sync between the two platforms. Once connected, admins can simply add users directly from Azure to assign them a license and business phone number.

Once assigned, users can log into the platform to start placing voice calls, coaching reps, or lending customers a supporting hand. Plus with role-based permissions, admins can select which specific users or groups have access to things like call recordings or voice analytics—all from a single click.

At the end of the day, anything that can help take some of the pressure off your IT team is a good thing, especially when that time can be better spent supporting your business’s needs.

That’s why Dialpad + Azure makes so much sense—one central place for IT to do their thing.

Plus with our native Microsoft integration, shared emails, events, and files are automatically displayed on your contact’s profile, whether you’re at your desk or on the road, so you’re never out of the loop of on your next call.

Feature highlights include:

  • Up & Running: Thanks to the cloud, your apps can talk to one another (and even help each other out) to get tasks done a whole lot faster.
  • Safe & Secure: Need to make a change to team credentials? Do it from a centralized portal that you’ve already built your user management strategy around.
  • Nice & Easy: Available on the AD marketplace, syncing your Dialpad and Azure account happens in a few clicks and then, well, just works. Imagine that.

The Dialpad integration is available in the Azure marketplace to customers on the Dialpad Enterprise plan. Interested in learning more? Book a product tour.