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At Dialpad, we take pride in our work and our solutions. So sometimes, when our accomplishments are recognized, that’s pretty awesome too.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that TrustRadius has announced Dialpad Talk as a Top Rated winner in not one, but two categories! That’s right, Dialpad Talk has won in the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and VoIP categories, thanks to our high-quality calls, ease of setup and management, and AI-powered tools that make work (and life) easier.

Top Rated By TrustRadius... And Dialpad Fans Like You

TrustRadius gathers reviews from verified and vetted professionals, including pros, cons, and honest opinions from real people, to help inform an audience of around 500,000 B2B technology buyers a month. The website takes every measure to ensure the reviews are real and unbiased—vendors can’t pay for reviews or have them removed—along with clear guidelines and transparency to keep everything fair.

This means that when a product is a top-rated one on the site, you can trust that it’s from people who have really used it and want to provide their honest opinions. It’s a pretty big deal.

The TrustRadius Top Rated Awards are awarded to products in the top tier for their categories. Winners are based on customer reviews, but must also meet certain guidelines. To be eligible, the product must:

  • Have at least 10 recent reviews

  • Be included on TrustRadius’ TrustMap*, if available

  • Earn at least 1.5% of the traffic for the category

  • Earn a trScore (TrustRadius’s rating system) of at least 7.5

So for Dialpad Talk to be a Top Rated winner in both the UCaaS and VoIP categories is a testament to how many people love using Dialpad.

👉 Did you know? *The TrustMap™ is a visual depiction of the best software products as rated by users on TrustRadius within each market segment. TrustRadius does not endorse any vendor, product, or service depicted in its TrustMaps and does not advise software users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings.

Why People Love Dialpad

To be declared a Top Rated winner means that businesses and employees have been using and enjoying Dialpad Talk—and they wrote the reviews to prove it!

Essentially, all those eligibility requirements mean that our customers have been consistently leaving positive reviews for Dialpad Talk to express how much they trust us and enjoy our communications platform. And why shouldn’t they?

If you’ll excuse us as we brag just a little bit, Dialpad Talk provides high quality voice communication across devices, backed up by our AI-powered Voice Intelligence (Vi) that does cool things like transcribe your calls in real time:

Our customers love how easy it is to deploy and manage, so they can work from anywhere and on any device. And with our 100% uptime SLA, they never have to worry about interruptions or downtime.

Plus: Dialpad connects every part of your business, thanks to our wide array of integrations. Dialpad Talk integrates with everything from G Suite to your CRM to help keep company and customer data connected and available from a single place.

With Voice Intelligence (Vi), Dialpad provides more than just a means to make a call—we supercharge your communications with AI, so you can focus more on what matters. Notes? They’re taken. Action items? Already highlighted for you. Want to know how often a product was mentioned on a call? Vi has the number at the ready. Dialpad also offers AI-powered analytics, so you can quickly figure out call volumes, search for keywords, or even pick up sentiments automatically.

Given the high quality calls, ease of use, and amazing features that come with Dialpad Talk, is it any wonder why it’s a Top Rated winner? 😉

Don’t just take our word for it—see for yourself!

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