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Previously we shared how one of the biggest opportunities for speech analytics is the development of “real-time” features. What we mean by this is the technical ability to utilize speech recognition and natural language processing to add value to conversations as they happen. This allows you to do some really interesting things, such as: automate notes, map real-time sentiment, track agenda items, automate compliance, and identify trends and patterns in conversations -- all in real-time.

With these capabilities, businesses will be able to react exponentially faster to the challenges and opportunities that arise during customer interactions. As the speech analytics market climbs past $2 billion, the application of these real-time features to support client-facing teams will be a key driver of growth.

Here at Dialpad, we’re excited to bring real-time speech technology to all of our products (some of which you can experience today).

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out a host of new features designed to drive value for sales and support teams:

  • Real-Time Recommendations
    Voice Intelligence delivers reminders and relevant information to reps and agents at the right time in the conversation resulting in fewer “I don’t know,” moments. If a prospect asks a new sales hire about pricing, or mentions a new competitor -- rather than having that rep stumble, Voice Intelligence will provide the information instantly.

  • Automated Sales / Support Playbook Tracking
    The best sales and support organizations have “playbooks” in place that outline best practices for calls. These playbooks lay out clear objectives for engaging with prospects and customers, and provide common frameworks for these conversations. With Voice Intelligence, managers can pre-load playbooks and track if they’re being followed, plus provide reminders to reps and agents if steps are at risk of being missed.

  • Live Sentiment Analysis
    Voice Intelligence’s streaming sentiment score provides managers with an aggregated view of every conversation happening across client facing teams. Instantly, at any point in time, managers can pinpoint trouble calls and opt to listen or barge in, with all the necessary context of the conversation.

  • AI-Generated Call Notes
    Using powerful streaming speech recognition and natural language processing, Voice Intelligence generates call notes for employees to review at the end of every call (and will auto-save them into a CRM or other system of record if needed).

As you think about how speech analytics fits into your sales and support strategy, look into products that combine real-time capabilities with post call functionality.

Our belief is that real-time speech recognition and NLP innovates basic recording functionality in game-changing ways. Rather than spending your time reviewing your team’s game tape for insights, you can now leverage technology to proactively identify trends and share insights with your team -- saving everyone time.

If you’re curious to learn more about what we’re working on, pay us a visit at Dreamforce. We’ll be showing off our support and sales specific products, and also giving a few talks on the future of AI for client facing teams. You can learn more by signing up for a 1:1 meeting with us below.