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What did you study in school? What was your major?

Mass Communication and Journalism at Arizona State.

Where are you from?

Seattle -> Phoenix -> Denver -> Atlanta -> Austin.

What do you do at Dialpad?

In short, I work with my Director and fellow Business Develop Manager to grow and develop BDRs to become successful sales reps. I help with the hiring, day-to-day development, on-going training and promotion preparation. I’m lucky where I walked in to a team of passionate reps who are hungry and motivated. They welcome the feedback and are directly impacted by the product we sell as they use the real-time coaching feature built into Dialpad. It makes my job easier to be able to hop on and listen to calls or to have them recorded and listen to it later. A BDR’s job is tough and my goal is to coach them how to do it well as it’s a skillset they’ll use for their entire sales career.

How did you get into your career?

I’ve been in tech for 9 years and have been a BDR, Account Executive and had a great mentor from a previous company who gave me a team lead position. I loved sitting with the team, strategizing on ways to get into accounts, share best practices and help with bringing on and training new team members. I knew then that developing others, as well as helping them get to their next career step, was a passion of mine. I shared that passion and was given an opportunity to lead a Business Development team in Austin.

What drew you to Dialpad?

I promise that these answers aren’t reviewed by my manager! My biggest draw was definitely the people and my direct manager. I knew I wanted to be in an environment that fostered creativity, welcomed input and was fast-paced. I get all of that at Dialpad and I get to work for someone who wants to mentor and develop myself to reach my career goals. The icing on top is that Dialpad is a product that I was able to picture myself using as a manager and a rep! The team is passionate about Dialpad because the product is ground-breaking and the only one of its kind on the market. I guess you can say that the leadership, culture, and product drew me to Dialpad and I’m glad it did!

What’s been your favorite project at Dialpad and why?

I’m about 3 weeks in but have hit the ground running! I’ve been asked to help with hiring our BDR team in the Philippines! This is great as we’ll have a hand in hiring for 24-hour sales support! I have the opportunity to interview these candidates and eventually work with our international team. It’s been a lot of fun to watch their video interviews and I get the chance to work with many different departments internally!

What advice do you have for people who are just starting out in your field?

Embrace change. Embrace the grind. Technology is ever-changing, so it makes sense that your environment changes as well. I learned early that I need to be comfortable with knowing that no two days will be the same. That’s a big reason I love this field! You’re given the freedom to run your day as you see fit in order to hit your goal. Sales and business development requires self-starters and people who can manage their time well. I learned that the days can be long, tough and frustrating, but the reward is high! If you don’t want every day to be the same, want to come in with a “work hard” attitude and can accept change, this is a great career field to be in!

What 3 things are always on your desk and why?

Water. My planner (Yes, I still write in a planner). More water. All are necessities to help me stay focused and hydrated.

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