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The world of sales is rapidly changing, with new competitors coming into play every day, new technologies emerging, and customers’ expectations rising just as fast.

In this ever-evolving space, many companies are using outdated or overly complicated tools, and waiting hours if not days to evaluate sales efforts after the fact. This makes it difficult to wow customers with outstanding, fast, and efficient communication, and near impossible to keep pace with the competition.

After talking to multiple sales leaders across small, medium, and large organizations about their goals, challenges and successes, it became clear to us that what differentiates companies with high-performing sales teams from those that struggle with repeatedly missed quarters, inaccurate forecasting, and high rep churn is smarter conversations and solutions.

We knew both sales leaders and their teams needed a better way - and we set out to make this happen. We’re leading the evolution to real-time speech recognition, and we’re calling it Dialpad Sell.

Dialpad Sell is our new business communications platform for sales teams, powered by real-time Voice Intelligence (Vi™) - the perfect combination of Dialpad’s innovative phone system plus speech recognition and natural language processing - to help drive revenue, sales enablement, and productivity. It was designed to empower sales teams to perform at their peak - giving reps the opportunity to improve productivity and managers the opportunity to coach more effectively.

Dialpad Sell leverages Voice Intelligence (Vi™) tools to transcribe calls, track customer sentiment, provide suggestions to questions and analyze conversations - all in real-time. The product augments the in-call experience, helping guide reps through conversations in the moment. We remind them to slow down, ask a question, and prompt them with things they need to know about (such as a reminder to talk about a new product release, or how to handle an objection when a competitor is mentioned).

We also provide the ability to search, share, and learn from conversations post-call. We provide robust search analytics for your conversational data so you can understand trends, identify gaps in your sales process, build call libraries and share learnings.

Dialpad Sell is the first true real-time speech recognition product on the market. Other products may have add-on products or just record conversations. Dialpad is the first to offer voice analytics in real-time, across every device, and at scale. We’re incredibly excited about it.

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