Off Message Promotion Blog Header Ep01

My first idea for a podcast was to call it “Marketing Sucks.” The positive: I have a lot of opinions on marketing. The negative: I’d have to spend all of my time interviewing marketers...something that interests approximately .0008 percent of the population—myself excluded. So, I decided to lean into my natural tendencies and talk about all of the people, companies, and campaigns crazy enough to go off message in sometimes stupid and sometimes brilliant ways. Hopefully, not get fired in the process.

Plug to keep my job: There is no better business phone system than Dialpad. My boss, the company’s CEO, Craig Walker, IS A GENIUS.

I like to say that I’m an accidental CMO, in that:

  1. I’ve wildly exceeded my guidance counselor’s expectations of my career potential.
  2. Being a CMO is a love-hate relationship. On a good day, it’s one of the most creatively fulfilling corporate jobs in the world. On a bad day, you feel like a piece of roadkill that’s been hit by a tractor trailer, picked over by a pack of vultures, then had a video of it shared on TicTok by crazed digitally-obsessed teens (i.e. my son and his friends).

So, it’s with that in mind, that I’ve launched Off Message, a podcast that mixes humor, irreverence, occasional nuggets of wisdom and frequently angry rants on tech, marketing, sales, and more. For our first episode, I invited my good friend and CEO of Lucidworks, Will Hayes, to talk tech, search platforms, 90’s internet, comic books, the misappropriation of the word hustle, Buddhism, and more.

Now, you may be thinking, “Oh, Keith. You like to think you’re so original. But everyone has a podcast these days. You’re just following the crowd. That’s totally not off message.” Well, here are my top four reasons you’re not wrong. But maybe you’re also right? Either way, download, listen, rate and review!

  1. I excel at one-liners and pepper them throughout the series. You’re welcome. Sneak peak, you ask? Of course. “No feelings, just data.” “It’s a feature not a bug.” “Only assholes use the BCC line.” “Thought leaders make bad plumbers.” “Aspiration ain’t cool.” And a telephony crowd pleaser... “There’s no I in VOiP.”
  2. I’m really good at BBQ. In episode three, you’ll get to hear all about vinegar, BBQ, and the South.
  3. I’ve invited Barack Obama to be on the show and we’ll host it in my garage as soon as he says yes.
  4. I created an email address that you can use to send feedback: FYI, it only goes to my producer. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and send any complaints. Her name is Jennie Held. Just kidding. Not really.