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We know you didn’t do it on purpose. No one really sets out to load up their sales team with six...ten...fifteen different tools and yet, well, here we are.

The good news is you’re not alone. There are tons of other orgs out there that have over-invested in their sales tech. In fact, 59% of sales execs say they have access to too many sales tools and are bombarded by too much-disaggregated customer data to be effective.

That’s right—the tech you bought to solve your problem could very well be adding to it.

Finding The Right Fit

Whether you’re responsible for buying the tech or the one rolling it out to the team, you’re now faced with over 100 vendors vying for your attention and of course, your dollars.

How are you supposed to know where to draw the line? How do you decide where to invest and why?

Not knowing where to start or how to even answer these questions is the beginning of a slippery slope for many sales orgs that ends with teams bogged down with tools that can’t deliver what they need.

But what if you could change that? What if instead of these separated information silos, your tools could speak to one another and actually add more value. Imagine if what was said on a phone call could actually be used to enrich your contact’s profile...or that downloaded content could help revamp your sequences.

The Sales Stack for Closers Ebook

The answer is, it can. It just takes the right combination of tech to do it. That’s where the Sales Stack for Closers comes in—an assembly of best-in-breed sales technology that helps attract, engage and win customers at scale.

In our ebook, we’ll introduce the partners that make up the stack—Outreach, Intercom, Clari, and Highspot—as well as hopefully give you a starting point in the journey of building your own stack including:

  • Identifying how tech impacts specific roles
  • What to consider when evaluating various tools
  • How to best leverage an integrated stack—lessons from MarketStar

The ebook is free and available to download here. Interested in learning a bit more about some specific platforms? Just select that option on the form to have a member of our team reach out.

Download the ebook