Gong Integration


Gong automatically captures your customer interactions and understands the context, proactively calling your attention to risks in your pipeline before the deal is lost. Make the most of your existing pipeline, and maximize customer retention with Deal Intelligence from Gong.

With the Gong and Dialpad integration, Gong will analyze your Dialpad calls so you can replicate what your A-Players do, coach your B-Players, and ramp new hires faster.

Key Features:

  • Record Every Dialpad Call
    • Whether it’s an internal meeting, or an external sales or customer call, you can set up Gong to automatically record your calls.

  • Import Dialpad Call Transcripts
    • Along with saving the audio recordings, Gong will import your Dialpad call transcripts into the Gong call review interface.

  • Annotate, Review, And Analyze Your Dialpad Calls
    • Find specific calls and meetings with ease and search for keywords that were spoken during any individual Dialpad call.

Additional info

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