HappyFox Integration


HappyFox is a practical help desk software which provides multi-channel support for customer requests coming from email, web, phone and social media. HappyFox integrates with business applications for Accounting, customer feedback, CRM, commerce and so on. iOS, Android and Windows version of the app enable to provide support through smartphones and tablets. Community forums and knowledge base helps customer provide instant support and connect with each other.

Easily integrate your Dialpad call center to HappyFox Help Desk directly from the HappyFox App Marketplace. With Dialpad integrated into HappyFox, you’re able to instantly make, receive and synchronize your calls directly from the HappyFox agent portal to save precious time and increase agent productivity.

Key Features:

  • Call Center and Help Desk in one place

    • Make and receive calls in HappyFox without switching applications, thanks to the Dialpad embedded CTI widget. Get links to call recordings in HappyFox tickets for any type of call (inbound, outbound, and voicemail).

  • Get Richer Insights into Conversations

    • Tickets created after a phone call contain all the information your support team needs, including incoming, outgoing calls or voicemails, duration, who called, who answered, date and link to call recording. With everything in the same place, your agents can provide the best service to your customers.

  • Greater Customization Control

    • Choose which Dialpad department or call center to link with HappyFox, and which category to route voice channel tickets. Ensure voice tickets are always assigned to the right team without any manual action required. Everything from sales to billing and support requests can be tracked separately.

  • Maximize Productivity with Advanced Features

    • Enterprise companies can boost KPIs like first call resolution and CSAT by leveraging the power of Agent scripting in HappyFox. The Call notes feature helps log essential information during a support call to discuss with the subject matter experts and move the ticket to resolution faster.

How to setup

To configure the HappyFox Help Desk & Dialpad integration, you'll need to install the Dialpad app from the HappyFox app marketplace.

For detailed installation instructions and troubleshooting, visit our help article.

Quick Guide to Install Dialpad App in HappyFox

  • Log in to HappyFox Agent Portal as an administrator.
  • Navigate to Apps >> Voice >> Dialpad from the main menu.
  • Click “Install”. In the subsequent screen, click “Link Dialpad”.
  • Log in to your Dialpad account as an administrator.
  • Allow the HappyFox app to access your Dialpad account.
  • You’ll be redirected back to the Dialpad app in HappyFox.
  • Choose your Dialpad office and map the relevant Dialpad departments or Call Centers with HappyFox categories.
  • Click “Save” to update the integration configuration.

    Additional info

    The Dialpad integration is available on the HappyFox app marketplace to customers belonging to the Fantastic, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, and Unlimited Agents pricing plans.

    Customers will also need to be on the Pro or Enterprise plan on Dialpad.

    More information can be found here: